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100% Legal Killer Buds
100% Legal Killer Buds
Killer Buds ™ Pure Cannabaceae Buds member of the Cannabis family. Killer Buds ™ have what we call a heart of resin in the middle of the bud. Killer Buds ™ are specially bred and picked for their amazing properties. Killer buds have what we call a heart of resin. That is what you want to smoke. Take a bud and open it up. You will see a thick yellow resin that fills most of the bud. Discard the little bit of the bud that is not filled with resin.100% legal bud.

Dried female strobiles of Cannabaceae Bud have historically been used for thier sedative effects on the central nervous system due to thier methylbutenol content as a treatment for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Cannabaceae Buds have been studied for anti-viral properties and anti-micro bacterial properties. This flower has been safely used for over 2400 years.

15.00 1/2oz
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